The security of our user accounts is important to us. To help protect user accounts from unauthorized access, this site uses the HTTPS protocol (Hypertext Transfer Protocol over Secure Socket Layer) to encrypt the communication of passwords and other sensitive data between your web browser and our web server. This level of encryption is the industry standard for web sites, and ensures that important information cannot be intercepted by third parties.

All pages on this site that take advantage of this security measure display this icon:

Your web browser may also provide visual indications that communications between your browser and our server are transmitted via HTTPS.

Only those pages that require higher security utilize the HTTPS protocol. As you move through the site, you may occasionally see an alert from your web browser indicating that you are moving from a secure to a non-secure page. This is no cause for alarm, and it is safe to proceed. If these alerts are too frequent or become bothersome, you can disable them by changing the user preferences or user settings in your web browser.

If you have additional questions or concerns about security, please contact our webmaster. For information on the privacy of your account information, please see our privacy policy.

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